BBQ Pavilions

COVID-19: Please note the BBQ are now open for use, please follow the safety guidelines, including wearing a mask and social distancing. Outdoor meetings will be more popular and we’d appreciate if you could let us know whether you were booking the space for a BBQ or for a meeting as they require different cleaning treatments.

Continue enhancing company culture & relationships amongst colleagues by booking a BBQ Pavilion to relax and throw a snag or two on the BBQ. These magnificent pavilions can be booked with ease, guaranteeing you spaces on a certain date and time. Even order some simple food through us if you so desire.

Choose from two very unique pavilion areas below. Refer to the images on the side if your not sure.

Don’t forget to bring some BBQ utensils for cooking if you haven’t ordered food below.

IMPORTANT – We kindly ask the when you are finished using the BBQ that you clean and tidy up the areas and leave them the way you found them. We thank you in advance.


  • You will require your company security pass to turn on the BBQ hot plates.
  • Please feel free to use the sound system by simply pluging in your music device to the 3mm jack on the wall.
  • BBQ Pavillions must be booked.