Knox’s coffee crown jewel now open from 8am

San Lorenzo Cafe, situated in the heart of Knox at Caribbean Park, is delighted to announce its updated business hours, serving customers coffee and breakfast snacks from 8am, Tuesday through Friday. 

Boasting the title of “Best Coffee in Town,” the café seeks to continue fulfilling its commitment to provide a sophisticated, CBD quality dining experience in the Eastern suburbs of Melbourne.

Dedicated to elevating the local culinary scene, San Lorenzo offers more than just an Italian dining experience. It is a destination that bridges the gap between CBD quality and local accessibility. 

With its chic, welcoming atmosphere, and menu steeped in authentic Italian tradition, San Lorenzo caters to a discerning clientele who appreciate the finer things in life.

Sustainably sourced and fair trade, San Lorenzo’s coffee beans are locally roasted, ensuring maximum freshness and a robust flavour profile that patrons can’t help but love. 

Their coffee has won them widespread acclaim, securing their reputation as the purveyor of the best coffee in the Knox area.

At San Lorenzo, every cup tells a story – of ethical sourcing, of local roasting, and of the love and skill of their talented baristas. 

“Our goal is to deliver the kind of coffee that not only wakes you up but also stirs your soul,” said the Co Owner Sab Randazzo.

San Lorenzo invites everyone to visit them at 33 Dalmore Drive, Caribbean Park VIC 3179, to enjoy an unforgettable Italian dining experience and taste the best coffee the local area has to offer. 

Now open from 8am, Tuesday to Friday, San Lorenzo looks forward to welcoming all who appreciate superior coffee and quality Italian hospitality.

San Lorenzo CafeNow open Tuesday-Friday from 8am

33 Dalmore Drive, Caribbean Park, VIC

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